Ground-pound 'em up, your jump distance will be determined by dice rolls.


  • WASD/Arrow keys - move
  • Mouse click - perform diepound


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
TagsScore Attack, Top down shooter


Download 22 MB
Download 22 MB
Download 22 MB

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this game is so much fun... you could add some power ups around the cenario, like slow time, always 6, less enemies, enemies get slow down, a shield... you could add some skins or history, with this you could add this game in steam


I really enjoy the fast paced madness, a really interesting take on a bullet hell. I also really enjoy the music, it fits the gameplay very well 

Here's the highlight from the stream where I try the game and read your responses;


Thanks for playing! Actually you can move the dice by using WASD, not only by mouse clicks. But using only diepound seems like a cool challenge idea, I guess

Oh man, I don’t know how I didn’t notice that! Sorry :/

I have a good PC but the game crashes :(

That's strange, did you try the downloadable version?

Apparently none of the Unity games work for me, I've downloaded a few.


Great game, but i noticed that theres no limit speed for the character movement. When runnung in 2 diffrent axies in same time the character can outspeed enemys that it cant normaly


Second try: (score 181, time 263.24)

(First one was somewhat ~210 seconds)


Nice game!
IMHO, the background is pretty distracting, would be nicer to just have it blank.
Ideas: 100 hp, hits hit you for 40, 1hp/5sec regen, and enemies have random drops. Drops could be 10 hp heal, bullet bouncing shield for 3sec, etc... Additionally, every 30s a dice is thrown on the blank space on the side of the screen and an event happens according to the roll, for example, 3 new enemies spawn, you get 5 points, etc.

It would look empty without background, though I can tone down the brightness of it. Also thank you for your suggestions!


I got to 116, awesome game


Will there be joystick support? I think it would be more fun to play with it!

BTW me and my cousin really love this game!

Sorry, I don't have any joystick controller for now, but I plan to have one in the future. Glad to hear that you all enjoyed the game :)